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"Nothing in life equals the joy of spending quality time doing the things
                          we most enjoy with the people we most love."                  Mark Yarnell

In small business, sales or corporate management, traditional professions, everyone is struggling through 80-hour weeks doing mundane, boring work in order to have, maybe, a Sunday afternoon with their family.
Nothing is more precious than free time, & those who have achieved it are optimistic about an industry that offers this precious commodity to others, thereby improving the possibility of family values throughout the world.

"Having It Made" is having more money than you can spend & the time to spend it. Being able to come & go , & do what you want to do, when you want to do it, being able to buy the home of your dreams or the best car or cars of your choice - whatever you want, There are many people who would like to spend more time with their family, their friend, their community, etc. Together with a business that improves the quality of life & you really..... have it made!                

Most people who retire at 65 years old are broke by the time they are 75 years of age. In fact, according to most insurance statistics, most people are broke at 65!

Most people likes to travel. Why don't they travel more? Is it the time or the money or both? In the case of retired person, it's usually the money & poor health. Wouldn't it be better if in their life they could have the time, the money & good health to travel at a time in their life when they could have really enjoyed it?

There is a way for you to "have it made" if you are willing to put in 5 to 10 hours per week for 6 months to learn, we can teach you to be able to retire in 5 years with a continuously increasing substantial monthly income. The time will be spend getting involved in your own business - reading books, watching videos, meeting with your Upline, attending Business Opportunity Meetings, Business Training Sessions, Role-Plays, etc.

Do you know that the 2 least likely ways to become a millionaire were to be a professional or work for a corporation! On the other hand, the most likely way to become a millionaire was to be an entrepreneur - to have your own business. For most people, starting their own business would cost too much money, lacking in business knowledge & the risk would be too much to even think about.

However, there is a business opportunity - Tupperware Business Opportunity - in which, we believe, Anyone Can Succeed. Even though, it has been around for a very long time - more than 49 years in Malaysia & was established more than 68 years in USA! - most people do not really understand it. As a result they do not take a serious look at it. Tupperware Malaysia is not direct selling but rather practises a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) System. MLM involves the method of moving products that most people confuse with "selling". And in MLM the business works best by having a lot of people, all doing a little bit. MLM is not really a selling business, it is a sharing business, a teaching business. If a person gets involved in MLM & thinks it is a "selling business", they will not succeed. That could be the reason why statistics have shown teachers & housewives have done extremely well in MLM Tupperware.

You can actually get started in your own MLM business with no risk.You do not have to quit your job &      there is not a large capital investment. You can get started in MLM Tupperware Business Opportunity with RM70-00, or RM 280-00, or RM1,999-00 (3 different value packages to sign-up as a member). You may have to give up a little TV, but remember there is no financial reward in watching TV.

People go to college for 4 years & get a degree with no hope of being able to retire in 5 years with a continuously increasing substantial monthly income, but if you willing to spend 6 months "on-the job" learning this MLM business, you would "Have It Made". These few hours could change your life. You not only owe it to yourself & your family to do this, but to your friends & those friends you have not yet met.

We are just curious how many people resonate with the above situations & we just found out that, in fact, many people have been already seeking for a simply good living solution. Would it be okay if you take the 1st step to re-discover a fun-filled, flexible, rewarding & most of all, a happy lifestyle with Tupperware Business Opportunity? Please Whatsapp/ contact us today at:

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Saturday, 16 August 2014


"You can have anything in the world that you want,
simply by HELPING enough OTHER PEOPLE to get what they want."
Zig Ziglar

Keeping Rice Fresh
In designing extraordinary storage systems to bring innovation & order to the modern home, the Tupperware Rice Dispenser was inspired by Asia's main staple - rice. Rice has traditionally been stored in earthen bins or large clay urns. Daily scooping of rice with cup & contact of rice with moist hands create potential contamination & infestation of weevils.

Now, keep rice fresh with the new Tupperware Rice Dispenser
* Unique drawer designed to dispense rice with a slide
* Hygienic & prevents contamination from hands
* First-in-first-out rotation keeps rice fresh
* One swipe dispenses exactly 1 cup of rice (150 g)
* Convenient size that fits all kitchen tops
* Stores up to 10.5 kg of rice. Perfect for every family
* In pleasing neutral colors to match any kitchen decor

1. First-in-first-out freshness. Rice is filled from the top to ensure old rice is used before new.
2. See-through window for clear indication of the remaining level of rice.
3. No more spills! Each slide of the drawer dispenses exactly 150 g (1 standard cup) of rice.
4. Non-slip rubber base. Keeps water out. Fully detachable parts for easy cleaning.

Trusted for generations, all Tupperware products have passed stringent tests & are built to last. They are quality products designed for constant, everyday use & are food-grade safe.

It embraces world standard of safety. All Tupperware products are made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials. Materials used exceed US FDA & Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association Standards.

It is color safe. Tupperware complies with the EU requirement, the most stringent in the world.

It is built to last with top quality & finishing.

It is environment friendly. Designed to last a life time. Tupperware provides an alternative to disposable containers, thus reducing its contribution to garbage pile-up.

Backed by the Tupperware Lifetime Warranty. All Tupperware products are proudly backed by a Lifetime Warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal non-commercial use of the lifetime of the product.**

**Terms & Conditions apply

Further details, enquiries & orders, please Whatsapp/contact us at:

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Rekaan Tupperware Rice Dispenser merupakan sistem simpanan unggul yang berhasrat membawa innovasi & peraturan untuk kehidupan moden. Ia di inspirasi oleh makanan utama orang Asia - beras. Beras biasa disimpan dalam balang tanah atau pasu tembikar. Setiap masakan harian, ia dicedok dengan cawan & sentuhan di antara tangan basah serta beras mungkin mencemarkan beras & mengakibatkan pembiakan bubuk beras.

Kini, gunakan Tupperware Rice Dispenser untuk kesegaran beras.
* Rekabentuk laci yang unik, cara mudah mengeluarkan beras.
* Lebih bersih, mengelakkan cemaran sentuhan tangan.
* Beras lama di keluarkan dulu, mengekalkan kesegaran beras.
* Sekali tarik mengeluarkan 1 cawan beras (150 g) tepat.
* Saiz yang mudah diletakkan di kaunter dapur.
* Boleh menyimpan sebanyak10.5 kg beras. Sesuai untuk seisi keluarga.
* Warna yang neutral, sepadan dengan mana-mana jenis rekaan dapur.

1. Kesegaran terkawal: beras lama dikeluarkan dulu. Beras lama digunakan sebelum beras baru        ditambahkan
2. Tingkap memudahkan semakan jumlah beras yang tertinggal
3. Tidak akan tertumpah! 150 g (1 cawan piawai) setiap tarikan
4. Bahagian bawah getah tidak licin. Mengelakan kemasukkan air. Bahagian-bahagian boleh 
    ditanggal, memudahkan kerja pembersihan

Tupperware diyakini sejak turun-temurun serta diluluskan dalam ujian terperinci untuk kualiti yang tahan lasak. Kualiti produk Tupperware sesuai untuk kegunaan harian selamat & menyimpan makanan.

Ia merangkumi syarat piawai keselamatan sedunia. Hanya bahan-bahan tanpa-toksik & tanpa-karsinogenik yang melampaui piawai FDA Amerika Syarikat serta Polyolefin Hygienic Association Standards, Jepun akan digunakan oleh Tupperware.

Cuma warna yang selamat di pakai. Tupperware telah mematuhi kehendak kesatuan Eropah, piawaian tersulit di dunia.

Ia di reka dengan menggunakan bahan-bahan serta kemasan berkualiti yang tahan lasak.

Ia di reka untuk penggunaan sepanjang hayat & tidak mencemarkan kawasan sekitar. Ini adalah satu pilihan yang lebih baik daripada bekas simpanan lain yang akan mengakibatkan pencemaran sekitar.

Kesemua produk Tupperware disokong oleh Jaminan Sepanjang Hayat terhadap retakan, lenkungan, mengelupas atau pecah akibat penggunaan biasa bukan kormecial. **

**Tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


"Many people are interested rather than committed. 
They talk about doing something, rather than actually doing it!"
Ken Blanchard

The perfect complement for any kitchen, TupperChef Inspire is a stylish cookware collection that makes healthy cooking easier for all. Whip up more flavorful, nutritious & juicier meals, prepared in less time, with less water, & less energy with this high quality 5-piece cookware.

If you are looking to trim the fat & eat healthier meals, the TupperChef Inspire Cookware range is the perfect choice. It promotes the Water-less & Oil-less cooking method that not only offers healthier & nutritious meals but also consumes less energy, which saves money & preserves the environment.


Water-less cooking basically means cooking with less water. The conventional cooking process uses water, allowing nutrients to leach out of food. With Water-less cooking, food cooks in their own juices, thereby preserving most of the naturally present nutrients. Meals are also tastier as natural flavors are not diluted by added water.

Oil-less cooking significantly reduces fat content in food. Now you can cook meat in its own natural fat by adding little or absolutely no oil to the pan.You can stir-fry, sear or grill any meat to perfection. It makes meal more flavorful, nutritious & is definitely a healthier way to enjoy the food you love.

* STACK TO SAVE SPACE - Store lids one over the other to make stacking vessels easier
* VALVE - Close valve for Water-less cooking or open for traditional cooking
* BAKELITE HANDLE - Easy grip Bakelite handle stays cool throughout cooking process
* SYNCHRO HEAT BASE - Encapsulated flat base with magnetic stainless steel distributes heat evenly & efficiently. Solid flat base does not warp or deform
* MOISTURE-LOCK GLASS LID - Glass lid with special seal, valve & rim lock in moisture to ensure food cooks in its natural juices. See-through glass lid to check on cooking without lifting cover                
* VESSEL - Full 3-ply stainless steel on wok base & vessel. Suitable for various types of hobs

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Jika anda sedang cuba untuk mengurangkan lemak & meningkatkan khasiat pemakanan, rangkaian TupperChef Inspire semestinya pilihan terbaik. Ia menggalakkan penggunaan kaedah memasak kurang-air & kurang-minyak, yang bukan hanya menghasilkan makanan yang lebih sihat & lebih berkhasiat, malah ia juga menggunakan kurang tenaga, seterusnya menjimatkan wang & melindungi alam sekitar.

Ini bermaksud memasak secara asas dengan menggunakan air yang kurang. Cara memasak yang lazim biasanya menggunakan air yang banyak, sehingga menyebabkan nutrien daripada makanan melarut resap ke dalam air ketika proses memasak. Kehilangan nutrien ini hanya akan mengurangkan khasiat makanan. Dengan kaedah memasak kurang-air, makanan dimasak dengan jusnya sendiri justeru itu dapat mengekalkan sebahagian besar nutrien yang ada dalam makanan itu secara semula jadi. Selain itu, hidangan anda akan menjadi lebih lazat kerana keaslian rasanya pasti tidak akan terjejas dengan air yang banyak.

Bayangkan kepuasan memasak daging hanya menggunakan lemak asli daging itu sendiri. Dengan menuang sedikit minyak ke dalam kuali leper & tanpa menggunakan minyak langsung, anda masih menggoreng, membakar atau memanggan daging dengan sempurna. Cara yang menyeronokkan untuk menikmati hidangan yang lebih menyihatkan, lebih berperisa & lebih berkhasiat.

* Penutup khas & geometri bibir periuk membentuk lapisan kedap membolehkan cara memasak kurang-air
* Susunan Jimat Ruang - Memudahkan penyusunan semua periuk dengan menyimpan semua penutup secara terbalik, satu demi satu secara bertingkat
* Injap - Tutup injap untuk kaedah memasak kurang-air atau buka injap untuk memasak secara biasa
* Pemegang Bakelite - Pemegang Bakelite mudah dikendalikan & tidak panas di sepanjang proses masakan
* Rekaan Bahagian Bawah Periuk Untuk Haba Sekata - Bentuk bawah periuk yang rata dengan keluli tahan karat magnetik membolehkan pengagihan haba yang cekap & sekata. Struktur kuat pada bahagian bawah periuk tidak mudah meleding atau beubah bentuk
* Penutup Kaca penahan Lembapan - Pengadang khas, injap & geometri bibir periuk mengekalkan lembapan agar memakan dimasak sempurna dalam jus aslinya sendiri. Penutup kaca lutsinar memudahkan anda untuk melihat sama ada makanan sudah siap dimasak atau pun belum tanpa perlu mengangkat penutup
* Periuk - Bahagian bawah wok & periuk dilengkapi 3-lapis keluli tahan karat. Sesuai untuk pelbagai jenis hob dapur.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014


"Success in business requires training & discipline & hard work.
But if you're not frightened by these things, 
the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were"
J.D. Rockefeller, American Financier & Statesman

Every New Years,
1. Muslims greets " SELAMAT HARI RAYA Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir & Batin "
- A wish for Forgiveness;
2. Chinese greets " HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR "
- Best Wishes For Good Health, Wealth & most of all Happiness";
3. Indians greets " HAPPY DEEPAVALI "
- A wish for Enlightenment.
Let us all work towards all 3 of the above.

"Many women have to cope with having a family 
while still holding their own with their peers at work .
And that tends to happen in their late twenties & early thirties
when pressure to fit in with peers is probably at its greatest.

It helps if you work in a sector where competition for talent 
leads to flexible working conditions."     
Nicolas King

"If you have the Freedom 
that you don't always have to go into the Office 
at 8 in the morning &  leave at 5 in the evening, 
then you can fit a family life around a working life 
- because babies tend to be 24-hour beasts .

You may not get much sleep or social life, 
but you can juggle them "  
Jane Butler - Cisco Top Woman in Europe

For over three years now, we continue to enjoy our journey with Tupperware. 
That prompts us to make this proposal for  You to take-up this 
Tupperware Business Opportunity .
It's a simple, fun & flexible business 
for making more friends -
part-time or full-time!

Whatsapp / contact us today for further details:

AILEEN..... 012-685 1662
ROGER...... 012-219 3668

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                                        "In life, what you resist, persists"     Werner Erhard

BACTERIA IN YOUR DRINKING WATER (The Star reported on Tuesday 19 August 2014),
BLACKLIST MACHINE OPERATORS (The Star reported on Wednesday 20 August 2014)
As The Star Reports are copyrighted, we are unable to reproduce here.
Would it be okay if you can visit & search for Contaminated Water.

While treated water in Malaysia is safe enough to drink straight from the tap, old & rusted pipes can compromise the quality of water received. Rusted pipes have a potential of causing contamination when soil, mud, rust & bacteria enters the pipeline. Additionally, sediment build up in home water tanks that are not regularly cleaned can also lead to contamination.

Water makes up approximately 70% of the human body's weight & plays a role  in its functions, such as digestion & cooling. Therefore, drinking contaminated water, over a long period of time, can affect overall health & wellness. Exposure to water contaminants can cause a number of health problems, ranging from nausea, to stomach pain.Long term exposure can lead to kidney, liver & nerve damage as well as pose pregnancy risks.

Now, getting clean purified water straight from your tap is easy with the Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filtration System (A USA NASA TECHNOLOGY). Its unique 3-step system :

to remove impurities, fine particles, bacteria & viruses.
1. Patented Pleated NanoCeram Filter holds 3-4 times more surface area compared to normal non-pleated filters.
2. Effectively removes 99.99% bacteria & viruses.

to remove contaminants & improve smell & taste of water.
1. High Density Activated Carbon Block Filter
# removes chlorine,
# removes organic & inorganic chemicals, heavy metals & odor,
# improves water clarity & taste.

with minerals & increase alkalinity level of water.
1. Bakuhan Enhancement Tank contains 19 different beneficial minerals,
2. increases the alkalinity level of water - alkaline water balances the level of acidity within our body,

drinking water with its patented Nano-Ceram wrap, to provide good clean quality water that ensures good health.

No need for plumbers or experts. Installation & replacement of Filter Cartridges & Mineral Enhancement Tanks are fast & easy, as depicted below :

Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filtration System 
Effective & Compact to fit into any Kitchen!

Further details & enquiries, please Whatsapp/ Contact us at :

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Air merangkumi hampir 70% berat badan manusia & memainkan peranan penting dalam pelbagai fungsi tubuh seperti pencernaan & kawalan suhu badan. Oleh yang demikian, penggunaan air tercemar dalam jangka masa panjang boleh menjejaskan kesihatan & kesejahteraan tubuh secara amnya. Pendedahan kepada bahan-bahan pencemar air boleh menimbulkan pelbagai masalah kesihatan seperti loya & sakit perut. Sebagai kesan jangka panjang, hal ini boleh mengakibatkan masalah buah pinggang, hati & saraf di samping meningkatkan risiko komplikasi semasa hamil.

Dengan adanya Sistem Penapis Air Nano Nature Tupperware, anda dapat menikmati bekalan air bertapis yang bersih terus dari paip. Ia dilengkapi sistem 3-langkah yang bertindak Menapis, Memurnikan & Memperkaya air serta dilengkapi penapis berlipat NanoCeram berpaten untuk memastikan air minuman anda sentiasa bersih & berkualiti, agar anda & keluarga dapat menikmati gaya hidup yang lebih sihat setiap hari.

Kini, anda tidak lagi memerlukan bantuan tukang paip atau pakar. Pemasangan & penggantian kartrij & blok penambah mineral boleh dilakukan sendiri dengan cepat & mudah.

Air yang dialirkan melalui Sistem Penapis Nano Nature Tupperware menjalani proses penapisan 3 peringkat bagi menghasilkan air yang bersih & kaya dengan nutrien, di samping membantu meningkatkan kualiti air. Manfaat kesihatannya yang pelbagai telah terbukti melalui sambutan yang menggalakkan.

Penapis NanoCeram Berlipat Yang Berpaten
1. Luas permukaan sebanyak 3-4 x ganda berbanding penapis tidak berlipat yang biasa,
2. Menapis sehingga 99.99% bakteria & virus dengan berkesan

1. Menyingkirkan klorin,
2. Menyingkirkan bahan kimia organik & bukan organik, logam berat & bau busuk,
3. Menjernihkan & menyedapkan rasa air

Memperkaya Air Dengan Tangki Penambah Mineral Bakuhan
1. Tangki mengandungi 19 jenis mineral bermanfaat,
2. Meningkatkan tahap kealkalian air - air beralkali mampu menyeimbangkan keasidan tubuh.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


We truly enjoy our work which focus on informing more people to use Safe & Quality Products made from Non-toxic, Non-carcinogenic Materials with Lifetime Guarantee & we aim to encourage more people to discover for themselves How Easy to build their own Viable, Flexible & Low-capital Business with us.

Life is what we made it. Organize it well & we have pleasant & happier experiences. For over 60 long years, Tupperware has taught many people around the world to organize their Food & Liquid Storage through Quality & Safe Containers.

Today, together with 5 other well-known Tupperware Brands Products :
1, International renowned Nutrimetics Beauty Products;
2. Wellness NaturCare All-natural products;
3. NASA USA Technology Nano Nature Water Filtration System;
4. Uniquely Healthy Water-less & Oil-less TupperChef Inspire Cooking Appliances;
5. All Natural TupperClean Cleaning & Washing Solutions;
Tupperware - an Award Winning, World-Class Brand, has created a SIMPLY GOOD LIVING SOLUTIONS just for you.

And all these wonderful International Quality Products are depicted in the following Tupperware August 2014 Campaign Catalogue (Effective 1- 31 August 2014). Please enjoy.....

For more information & enquiries, please Whatsapp/ Contact us at :
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